Design Inspiration: Video Projection Mapping


We love to share what inspires us at onebite. What’s been making waves within the team this week is Video Projection Mapping; an exciting projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display.

As explained by Video Mapping Blog, specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.


Our designer, Liane Milchem explains why Projection Mapping inspires her,  “It’s always exciting to find new and innovative ways of communicating an idea, Projection Mapping has an enormous amount of impact, especially when there is an interactive element to it”.

Here are some of many amazing Video Projection Mapping examples that really inspire Liane, and why.

(Make sure you have the volume up - this is all about the harmony of moving image and sound!)



Bot and Dolly collaborated with Gmunk to create this “technology Demo” which exceeded the brief in leaps and bounds. Using the theme of Magic and five basic categories of Illusion to demonstrate the creative technology, they produced a mesmerising design and performance piece. Watch it and allow yourself to believe in the magic and wonder of the visuals, then read more here to find out how it was made. 



Projection Mapping is not an overly new concept, the process of projecting 2D visuals onto a 3D surface has been around for a while and explored in various ways, but here Japanese Media Artist Nobumichi Asai, Make up Artist Hiroto Kuwahara and their team have created an incredible video of projection mapping combined with real-time face tracking onto a moving object- a face - to create a kind of digital make up. 



This is four years old but still looks great. Really like how this isn’t just being projected but appears to be interacting with the skater - making it come to life and feel almost realistic.



A great example of how projection mapping can be used for a commercial project.



Lovely interactive site - read more here on creative review to find out about the idea behind it. 

If you’ve seen any examples like the above that really inspired you, let us know @onebitecomms.


Watch ‘Laser Makeup’ Transform This Model’s Face In Real-Time - Nobumichi Asai

Discover after the text the VIDEO

No, this isn’t CGI.

Here’s a pretty mind-blowing combination of art and technology. 

Using highly precise light projectors, a person’s face can be make to look like it’s being altered in real-time through “Projection-mapping.”

Projection-mapping is the art of focusing light onto an object to give it the illusion of movement and depth.

It can be tough to explain, but an easy way to think about it is to remember what it looks like when someone walks in front of a projector during a movie or presentation.

Besides throwing up a hand to shield their eyes, you momentarily see their face covered by a blurry version of whatever is supposed to be on the screen.

Now imagine if that projector could track a person’s face and cast extremely focused light onto them to change their appearance.

That’s exactly what happens in Nobumichi Asai’s new projection mapping demo, which shows how a model’s face can be transformed using the technology. We first saw the video over at The Verge.

First, the dimensions and contours of the model’s face are scanned into the system. The model wears those tiny dots to allow the system to track her exact movements and position.

Watch the video:

Very Cool

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The Tenement, 2013

set in a large Metropolitan city in the mid–20th century. It follows Buddy, a rat in a derelict tenement building, who becomes conscious when he devours the mind of a man. Buddy stands up on two legs and quickly discovers what it means to be a man, to get a job, to be held accountable, to plot and fail, to have your first stiff drink, to fall in love — in other words, to be human.

**Projection Design by Daniel Carino (me, lessdanthree)

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